Care kit

Dixieme Art product is a precious and refined piece. By taking a few precautions while using and maintaining it, you will be able to preserve its original beauty over time.

All our products should be cleaned and re-polished regularly. That is why we are supplying the first “Dixieme Art CARE KIT” as a gift with all of our products.

Here are five easy steps HOW TO USE IT:

1. Ensure the surface is clean and dry. You can use a very soft cloth and lukewarm water to wipe the table top. Avoid water ingress on metal details.

2. Shake the wax bottle well.

3. Pour some wax onto a clean cloth and apply using an overlapping circular motion.

4. Allow to dry to a haze, then wipe off using a clean soft cloth.

5. Buff lightly to bring out the shine.

You can order “Dixieme Art CARE KIT”


250 ml polishing wax
8 pairs of gloves
4 wax applicators
8 cleaning wipes