Care tips

Climatic conditions and environmental influence can have a direct impact on the condition of your furniture, its quality and performance characteristics.

In order to maximise service life of Dixieme Art products, we advise you to observe the conditions of their storage, service and maintenance

Storage, service and maintenance rules for Dixieme Art products

• The products are recommended to be used in a room with an air temperature of +15C to +40C; relative humidity of 30-70%, without sudden fluctuations.
• It is not recommended to place the furniture in the direct sunlight.
• Do not allow metal parts to come into direct contact with water.
•  It is not advised to put sharp or hot objects on the table without a heat resistant stand (mat).
• Permissible load on the edges of the table top-no more than 50 kg.
• Permissible load on the table surface is not more than 400 kg.
• It is recommended not to leave any grime or dirt on the surfaces of furniture for a long time.
• Remove dirt with water or soap solution with mandatory subsequent wiping until the surfice is dry (do not use: abrasive materials, liquids containing alcohol, ether, acetone and other solvents)
• In order to remove dirt and moisture from the surface, use a soft cloth (microfiber, suede, plush, flannel, etc.).
• We recommend to apply the polishing wax to the surface approximately every 2 months (depending on the intensity of use), and on metal products every 12 months. You can see the instructions for applying polishing wax  here
• Dixieme Art offers a paid service-restoration during the entire service life (50 years). You can order it here

Product warranty period: 2 years
Product service life: 50 years

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